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Mastering the Art of CCIE Lab Passing: Proven Strategies

Cisco Systems Inc. is an American-based multinational networking company that is famous for engaging in the design and manufacturing of products, software, and services related to the networking and IT industry. It also provides certifications at four levels for networking professionals to master their services and benefit their organizations.


CCIE, abbreviated from Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert is an expert-level certification that consists of several technical certifications designed to boost the expertise of experienced networking professionals who are responsible for designing, building, implementing, maintaining as well and troubleshooting networking infrastructures of complex enterprises.

The CCIE certification exam is held in two parts written as well as lab tests. The 120-minute written test can be taken both online or at a test center but the 8-hour long lab exam must be taken only at a test center only. Then, for availing a CCIE certification a candidate must attempt and pass the lab exam within three years after the written test.

The CCIE certification program has six different tracks or concentrations that are named as follows.

  • CCIE ENTERPRISE INFRASTRUCTURE – This exam focuses on judging expert-level skills and knowledge of complex infrastructure solutions that include virtualization, dual-stack architecture, network security, assurance, and automation.
  • CCIE ENTERPRISE WIRELESS – This certification is aimed at gauging expert-level skills of WLANs and their theoretical underpinnings.
  • CCIE SECURITY – This exam prepares networking professionals to master in architecture, engineering, and troubleshooting security technologies of Cisco Systems.
  • CCIE DATA CENTER – This exam assesses the skills of professionals who work with the design, plan, implementation, diagnosis, and troubleshooting process of complex data center topologies.
  • CCIE SERVICE PROVIDER – This exam focuses on determining expert-level knowledge of internet service providers which includes being responsible service provider’s infrastructure, core architecture, automation, security, and assurance of network and its quality.
  • CCIE COLLABORATION – This exam is designed to determine the expertise of the candidate for collaborative solutions which includes infrastructure, design, codecs, protocols, IOS XE gateway, QoS, media resources (voice, video, and unified communications), call controls, and all collaboration applications.

There are no conventional prerequisites to appear at the CCIE certification exam but a recommendation to senior professionals to take CCIE with at least five to seven years of experience in the field of networking.

Cisco Systems Inc
Cisco Systems Inc


  • Opting for the best CCIE training institute – There are around 10,000 Cisco training institutes that claim to let you pass your exam on the first attempt but only 4-5 around them are the genuine ones. is one among them which offers 100% genuine and verified CCIE lab exam workbooks along with their solutions in a 100% real lab environment, professional tutors for providing technical support guaranteeing 2100+ pass results. Click over here now to learn more about Spoto CCIE lab scenarios.
  • Repeatedly take mock exams for perfection – Practice as much as you can on real lab infrastructures. Spoto also offers such lab scenarios to master implementing and troubleshooting technologies such as Datacenter L2/L3, VXLAN, EVPN, fiber channel, UCS components, Cisco’s DCNM and ACI technologies, etc.
  • Develop Expertise – Practicing Spoto CCIE lab dumps develop expertise to configure and troubleshoot networking services such as IP mobility, load balancing, multicast, cloud computing, network programming, etc.


CCIE is undoubtedly the toughest and most recognizable certification in the networking domains. Millions of candidates enroll every year with the dream of becoming a CCIE expert but step back half their ways due to the most challenging lab exam. Above mentioned strategies will help you pass the CCIE lab and become the most demanding CCIE-certified professional followed by unstoppable career growth and renowned in the IT industry.

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