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Cornering power in Automobile

cornering in automobiles

Corning force is simply the physical force applied to the tires during the corner. When you think about how well your vehicle handles, you’re thinking about how tires transfer the work of your vehicle’s engine and suspension system to the road through cornering force. Cornering force gives the tires the strength to stick to the road during the turn.

What affects the Cornering Force?

Speed of Vehicle

The cornering force applied to a tire gradually increases at higher speeds. Some tires cannot withstand the force caused by higher speeds. Always make sure you have tires with the required speed rating recommended by your vehicle manufacturer. You can easily find speed rating information in your vehicle owner’s manual.

The information also appears on a sticker on the driver’s side doorframe, inside the glove compartment or in the trunk. If you cannot find information about the tire speed rating that is right for you, contact your dealer.

Weight of Vehicle

Adding weight to a vehicle also increases cornering strength. Make sure you have tires with a load rating or load rating suitable for your vehicle. You can also find this information in your owner’s manual or service decal. It’s easy to lose control of an overloaded vehicle. Driving on tires with a load band or very low load index has the same effect.

If you are concerned about your vehicle being overloaded, reduce your speed, especially when cornering. Stop the vehicle and check that the tires support the load the vehicle is carrying. Otherwise, reduce excess vehicle weight and install tires with the proper load limit. If you’re not sure what load limit you need, remember that your dealer can help.

Road conditions

In climates like rain and snow, it is harder for the tires to stick to the road. Where they would normally maintain traction and use cornering force to turn the vehicle, they can slide on wet or icy roads. This means you should reduce your speed during bad weather, especially when cornering. Deceleration gives the tires more time to grip the road and prevent skidding.

Engineers use different materials and patterns in all-season and winter tires to help them maintain traction in bad weather conditions. Using one of these types of tires can help you keep cornering power working in your favour all year round.

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