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ISBM College of Engineering Pune

ISBM College of Engineering Pune

ISBM College of Engineering Pune, is a private engineering college located in Pune, India. It was founded in 2017 and is affiliated with the University of Pune. ISBM College of Engineering presents undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Engineering, Management, and Computer Applications.

The All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) approved the college and it is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).

ISBM College of Engineering has modern laboratories and workshops, high-tech classrooms, and a well-equipped library. The college also provides various extracurricular activities and sports facilities. The college offers various programs in Engineering such as Computer Science, Information Technology, and Mechanical Engineering. 

The college has a strong emphasis on research and development. Examples of research topics contain artificial intelligence, computer fiction, robotics, machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, and more. The analysis of projects is designed to develop new solutions to challenging scientific and engineering problems.

The faculty and students work together to design, implement, and evaluate the solutions. 

The research results are shared with the scientific community through publications, conferences, and workshops. The college provides students with access to its online library, which includes a variety of electronic books, journals, and databases.

Students can search for a specific title or browse by subject. The digital library provides access to digital versions of books, journals, and databases. Students can search for a specific title or browse by subject.

The virtual classroom provides students with access to a variety of learning tools, such as slideshows, videos, webinars, and interactive activities. The virtual classroom also allows students to communicate with their instructors and classmates.

The college also provides students with access to a range of online tutoring services. These tutoring services are available 24/7 and can be accessed from any device. Tutors are available to provide guidance and advice on a variety of subjects.

Why ISBM Pune?

ISBM College of   Engineering Pune

ISBM Pune is one of the leading business schools in India that offers a range of postgraduate courses in business and management. The institute is renowned for its excellent academic environment, highly qualified faculty, and world-class infrastructure.

It provides students with a holistic learning experience focused on developing their professional skills and preparing them for the challenges of the corporate world. ISBM Pune is also known for its international collaborations and its vibrant student life.

ISBM college has a well-equipped academic infrastructure with modern science, engineering, and medical studies labs. Our labs have advanced technology and resources such as computers, scanners, microscopes, and other scientific equipment. We also have a library with a wide range of books, journals, and other reference materials to support the learning and development of our students.

Additionally, our college has a well-maintained auditorium for conducting seminars, workshops, and other events. We also have a cafeteria, sports ground, and a gymnasium to ensure the overall well-being of our students.

  • Industrial Visits & Expert Talks
  • Seminars & Workshops
  • Inter-Collegiate Festivals
  • Placement Assistance
  • Sports & Extra-curricular Activities
  • Innovative & Entrepreneurial Development Cell
  • Scholarships & Financial Assistance
  • Medical & Healthcare Facilities
  • Separate Hostel for Boys & Girls
  • 135 Magazines
  • 18970 Books

Learning with Objective:

  • Improving communication, leadership, and teamwork skills.
  • Learning to use data and analytics to make business decisions.
  • Developing an understanding of the importance of ethical decisions and practices in business.

Key strengths:

  • Harnessing the power of the internet to generate & facilitate knowledge.
  • Synergizing the power of experiential learning with modern pedagogy.
  • Creating a global network of resources to foster & develop the right skills.
  • Creating a network of industry partners for student placements

Vision and mission of ISBM Pune

  • The programs delivered by ISBM Pune are designed to impart knowledge, skills, and practical experience to the students, which enables them to pursue successful careers in the competitive job market. The programs include specialized courses such as Management, Commerce, IT, Human Resources, Banking, Economics, Marketing, Financial Services, Supply Chain Management, Retail, E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Business Analytics, Business Development, and many more.
  • All these courses are approved by AICTE and are designed to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to pursue successful careers in the industry.
  • The Placement Cell at ISBM Pune has an incredibly efficient placement network. The placement cell constantly updates its database with contacts of leading companies and organizations in the industry. They also participate in various campus placement drives to ensure students get the best job opportunities.
  • ISBM Pune also organizes several Seminars, workshops, and industry interactions for the students to give them an insight into the industry and understand the job requirements. The Placement Cell also assists students in their job search by providing job-oriented guidance and support.
  • To provide quality education and training to individuals, organizations, and businesses in order to help them become more competitive and successful. To create a platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst business community members.
  • To develop and nurture an environment of innovation and creativity to foster a culture of excellence and ethical practices in business to promote a sense of social responsibility and community engagement.

Continually innovate academic frameworks and procedures to meet the needs of changing market conditions and talent significance are:

1. Develop flexible learning pathways that can be tailored to individual student needs, allowing them to explore different areas of knowledge and gain a broad range of skills.

2. Utilize data-driven approaches to assess the effectiveness of current and proposed curricula and adjust accordingly.

3. Utilize technology-enabled learning and teaching methods to provide students with access to resources that are not available in traditional classrooms.

4. Increase the use of experiential learning techniques and internships to provide students with real-world experience.

5. Incorporate feedback from market experts and employers into the academic framework to ensure that students have the skills and knowledge relevant to the industry.

6. Create interdisciplinary programs that combine different subject areas and provide students with the opportunity to explore multiple perspectives.

7. Incorporate career development activities, such as mentoring, career counseling, and job shadowing, into the curriculum to ensure that students are well-prepared for the world of work.

ISBM Pune Facilities

ISBM Pune offers various facilities to its students and staff members. These include:

• Well-equipped classrooms with audio-visual aids

• Library with a wide collection of books, journals, magazines, and online resources

• Computer lab with the most delinquent hardware and software

• Wi-Fi-enabled campus

• Seminar hall

• Cafeteria and canteen

• Sports facilities

• Health care center

• Industrial visit opportunities

• Placement assistance

• Transport facility

• 24/7 security

Final Thought

The International School of Business and Media (ISB&M) Pune is one of the leading business schools in India. Located in the heart of Pune, it is known for its excellent academic and professional programs and quality faculty. The institute offers various courses in management, finance, IT, and other related areas.

The institute has a strong focus on developing its students’ skills so they can excel in their respective fields. ISB&M Pune strongly emphasizes developing leadership and innovative thinking among its students.

It also encourages them to take up research and entrepreneurship activities. The institute regularly organizes events, seminars, and workshops to help students develop their skills.

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