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Data Annotations Tech Legit or Scam? Detailed Honest Review

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Data Annotation Tech review

What is Data Annotations

Data annotation is nothing but the categorization & labeling of data for AI applications. Training data has to be properly categorized and annotated for a specific use case. With human-powered data annotation, companies can build as well as improve AI implementations in their companies.

What is Data Annotations Tech?

Data Annotations Tech is a remote job platform that provides work from home projects and pays you 20-25 dollars per hour after the project completion. The Million Dollar question is this online job platform legit or a scam? ‘Let’s find out in this article.

Data Annotations Tech Reviews:

  1. Glassdoor: The Data Annotations Tech has 4.0 out of 5.0 reviews on their platform and they claim that the Data Annotations Tech platform is legit.
  2. Trustpilot: Many users claim Data Annotations Tech to be a legitimate company and dream workplace to earn money from home.
  3. Reddit: Many Reddit users claim data annotations tech company is a scam and they did not get any project to work on this platform.

EngineeringHulk Review:

I tried to sign up on Data Annotations Tech, they asked me the following

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email ID
  4. Password
  5. Email confirmation.

After confirming my email, I see the following weird message on my dashboard


So, In my opinion, and my research, I would say that Data Annotations Tech is a new website hosted on Namecheap by some newbies and kids. They don’t have many projects as of now to assign to every person who is signing up and maybe a few years later you can find some work here but not now. I would say don’t waste your time on this platform and work for other platforms that already have many projects that can be easily assigned to you.

Some of the legit alternate Freelance marketplaces that also provide remote opportunities are Fiverr, Upwork,