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Ishan Uday Scheme: Objectives, Eligibility, How to Apply

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Ishan Uday scholarship

The Ishan Uday Scheme, launched by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), aims to provide financial assistance to economically disadvantaged students from the northeastern region of India pursuing higher education.

Objectives of the Ishan Uday Scheme

The primary objectives of the Ishan Uday Scheme are as follows:

1. Enhancing access to higher education: 

The scheme focuses on improving access to higher education for students hailing from the northeastern region of India, which is often geographically and economically disadvantaged.

2. Encouraging technical and professional education: 

The scheme particularly aims to promote technical and professional education by supporting students pursuing courses such as engineering, medicine, management, pharmacy, and other professional courses.

3. Empowering students financially: 

By providing financial assistance, the Ishan Uday Scheme aims to empower students from the northeastern region to overcome financial barriers and pursue higher education without constraints.

Eligibility Criteria for the Ishan Uday Scheme

To be eligible for the Ishan Uday Scheme, students must meet the following criteria:

1. Domicile requirement: 

The applicant must be a domicile of one of the eight northeastern states of India, namely Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, or Tripura.

2. Enrollment in professional courses: 

The scheme is open to undergraduate or postgraduate students in technical and professional disciplines, such as engineering, medicine, management, pharmacy, etc. The appropriate statutory bodies like UGC, AICTE, MCI, etc should recognize the courses.

3. Family income criteria: 

The annual family income of the applicant should not exceed INR 4.5 lakhs per annum. The income certificate issued by the competent authority needs to be furnished as proof.

Application Process for the Ishan Uday Scheme

To apply for the Ishan Uday Scheme, follow these steps:

1. Online registration: 

Visit the official website of the scheme or the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) and register as a new user. Create a unique login ID and password for future reference.

2. Filling out the application form: 

Log in using the created credentials and fill out the application form with accurate personal, academic, and financial details. Make sure to cross-verify the information provided before submission.

3. Uploading documents: Attach the necessary documents, including domicile certificate, income certificate, mark sheets, and any other relevant documents required for verification.

4. Review and submission: 

Once all the details and documents are uploaded, review the application form to ensure accuracy. After verifying, submit the application form online.

5. Acknowledgment and tracking: 

After submission, an acknowledgment number will be generated. Note down the number for future reference. You can also use this number to track the status of your application.

Award Details of the Ishan Uday Scheme

Under the Ishan Uday Scheme, eligible students are provided financial assistance through a scholarship. The scholarship covers the following components:

1. Course fee: 

The scheme provides full course fee reimbursement, including tuition fees, enrollment fees, and other fees charged by the institution.

2. Living expenses: 

A monthly stipend of INR 5,400 is awarded to the students to meet their living expenses during the course duration.

3. Books and stationery: 

An annual grant of INR 10,000 is provided for purchasing books, stationery, and other academic materials.

4. Travel allowance: 

The scheme also offers a travel allowance for students traveling from their home state to the institution and back. The amount ranges from INR 3,400 to INR 6,000, depending on the distance.

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