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Aikyashree Scholarship – Eligibility, Application Process

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aikyashree scholarship

The Aikyashree scholarship program comes under WBMDFC (West Bengal Minority Development and Finance Corporation), which is intended to support deserving students (at both school and college levels) of West Bengal.

The Aikyashree Scholarship program is operated by the Government of West Bengal and its subsidiary boards, which provide financial assistance to exemplary, worthy, and impoverished students of the state to help them continue their higher studies.

WBMDFC started the Aikyashree Scholarship Programme for minority students (Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, and Jains) in West Bengal to provide more socio-economic benefits and educational opportunities for them.

This is an end-to-end scholarship portal for WB minority students. Students from Class 1 to Ph.D. level can apply for various WB Government scholarship schemes through the WBMDFC Aikyashree Scholarship Portal.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the Aikyashree Scholarship offered by WBMDFC, applicants must meet the following criteria:

1. Minority Community: 

Applicants must belong to one of the recognized minority communities in West Bengal, including Muslims, Christians, Buddhists, Sikhs, Parsis, and Jains.

2. Domicile: 

Applicants must be permanent residents of West Bengal.

3. Educational Qualifications: 

The scholarship is available for students studying at different levels, including post-matric, pre-matric, and merit-cum-means. The specific academic criteria may vary based on the scholarship category and level of education.

4. Income Criteria: 

The family income of the applicant should not exceed a certain threshold, which is determined by the WBMDFC. Priority is given to students from economically weaker sections.

aikyashree scholarship
Aikyashree scholarship

Application Process

The application process for the Aikyashree Scholarship in West Bengal involves the following steps:

1. Online Registration: 

Applicants need to register on the official website of WBMDFC ( and and create an account. They must provide accurate personal information, including name, contact details, and educational qualifications.

2. Document Verification: 

After registration, applicants are required to upload the necessary documents for verification. These documents typically 

Self-certified community certificate

Income certificate

Fee receipt of the current course year

Self-attested certificate of previous year’s mark sheet

Residential/Domicile certificate

Bank account details

Passport size photo of the applicant

and any other documents specified by WBMDFC.

3. Application Submission: 

Once the documents are uploaded and verified, applicants need to submit their completed application forms within the specified deadline. It is crucial to review the form for accuracy and ensure that all required information is provided.

4. Scrutiny and Approval: 

The WBMDFC verifies the applications and conducts a scrutiny process. This involves evaluating the eligibility of the applicants based on the provided information and supporting documents. After scrutiny, the selected candidates are approved for the scholarship.

5. Scholarship Disbursement: 

Once the selection process is complete, the scholarship amount is directly disbursed to the bank accounts of the selected candidates. The disbursement is made through the Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) system.

Benefits and Amount

The Aikyashree Scholarship by WBMDFC offers financial assistance to students from minority communities in West Bengal. The scholarship covers various educational expenses, including tuition fees, maintenance allowance, and other incidental costs. The scholarship amount varies depending on the scholarship category and level of education:

1. Post-Matric Scholarship: 

The scholarship provides financial assistance ranging from INR 1,200 to INR 10,000 per annum, depending on the course and educational level.

2. Pre-Matric Scholarship: 

Students in classes 1 to 10 can receive a scholarship of up to INR 1,500 per annum.

3. Merit-cum-Means Scholarship: 

This scholarship offers financial assistance of up to INR 30,000 per annum for professional and technical courses.

For detailed and up-to-date information, applicants are encouraged to visit the official website of WBMDFC.

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