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Greater than sign (>) with examples

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Greater than sign with examples

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When it comes to mathematical and programming operations, symbols play a crucial role in expressing relationships and comparisons. One such symbol is the greater than sign (>).

Meaning and Usage:

The greater than sign (>) is a mathematical symbol used to indicate that one value is larger than another. It is primarily employed in comparisons and inequalities. The greater than sign points towards the larger value or the side with a higher quantity. In mathematical terms, it represents an inequality relationship between two numbers, where the value on the left side is greater than the value on the right side.


Let’s explore some examples to understand the usage of the greater than sign in different scenarios.

1. Numeric Comparison:

Consider the following examples:

– 5 > 3: In this case, the number 5 is greater than 3, so the statement is true.

– 8 > 8: Here, the number 8 is not greater than 8, so the statement is false.

– -2 > -5: In this instance, -2 is greater than -5, so the statement is true.

2. Comparing Variable Values:

Suppose we have variables A and B with the following values:

– A = 10

– B = 5

We can compare these variables using the greater than sign as follows:

– A > B: Since 10 is greater than 5, the statement is true.

3. Inequalities:

Inequalities involving the greater than sign can be used to express a range of values. For example:

– x > 10: This inequality means that x can take any value greater than 10.

– y > -3: Here, y represents any value greater than -3.

4. Use in Programming:

The greater than sign is widely used in programming languages, especially in conditions and loops. Here’s an example using Python:


num = 8

if num > 5:

    print(“The number is greater than 5.”)


In this case, the program checks if the value of the variable “num” is greater than 5 and prints the corresponding message.

5. HTML Entity:

In HTML, the greater than sign has a special entity code: &gt;. It is used to display the symbol within an HTML document. For instance, & lt; represents <, and & gt; represents >.

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