Three Rolling Machine With Up Roller Universal PLC Type 8×3200

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I. Structure style

This machine is a special equipment to roll the plate into curve, cylinder, conical in the principle of three point circle. The action as below:

· Top roller move by vertical. Power: hydraulic oil tank. Role: put the pressure on the plate to make the plate bending deformation.

· Top roller move by horizontal. Power: electromotor. Role: adjust the horizontal distance between the top and bottom roller to make the top and bottom roller position in asymmetrical to pre-bend the sheet edge and decline the length of the flat zone.

· Bottom rollers rotate. Power: electromotor. Role: supply the torque for bending plate.

· Opening device drop down and reset. Power: hydraulic oil tank. Role: take out the finished workpiece

II.Performance features

· The upper roller is designed as drum shape. Support roller install in the lower of bottom roller to help bending a perfect cylinder from thin to thick plate.

· Special bending craft, high precision pre-bending of the edge, digital control for bending process.

· Rich shape bend such as O, U, R etc.

· Cone bending device for conical bend easily.

· Whole chassis, simple ground foundation, it’s convenient to move the workplace. According to the role or requirement of customer, economic digital display type or TNC digital control type is optional.

· CE certificate.


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Three Rolling Machine With Up Roller Universal PLC Type 8×3200 0 reviews

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