Double shaft shredder chamber center 1200×800 mm size

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Shredder chamber structure

The case of the twin-shaft shredder is an important part of the shredder unit, which includes the blade, the spacer, the shaft, and the shredder chamber. Users can customize the shredding machine cases of different sizes according to the production requirements of other materials in time. Shredder chassis does not include electrical parts and hopper, shredder frame part, but can be optional according to customer requirements.

Shredder Shaft

1. The tool holder and blade on the rotor are removable, serviced and maintained 2. Each knife has four cutting edges, which can be rotated 90° after wear to extend the service life of the blade 3. The gear reduction box drives the spindle, running smoothly, reducing noise and large torque 4. The box adopts welding, and after welding, tempering can eliminate stress. 5. Processed by the CNC machining center to reduce the matching error between the chassis and the blade. 6. Processing with 40cr and other high-quality materials

Shredder Blades

The selection of fine materials, with a strict heat treatment process, so that the performance and tolerance of each batch of blades are kept within the range of national standards. High precision grinding machine for fine grinding, makes the knife edge sharp, smooth, and clean without burr, reducing the friction coefficient during use, increasing the tearing force, and enhancing the service life. Product variety, specifications can be customized production according to customer requirements, normal specifications available from stock, customized blade delivery time is short, and reliable quality.
3. Chamber size
1200x800 mm length *width


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Double shaft shredder chamber center 1200×800 mm size 0 reviews

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